Company Home | Product update

We're happy to present one of the latest major features on Popwork: a Company homepage offering HR and executives an immediate overview of management practices in their company: 

🤝 the adoption of managerial rituals

💬 the intensity of manager-employee dialogue

🏋🏻 workload management by each manager

🗣️ feedback culture in every team

🎯 performance monitoring

🚨 alerts: disengagement, burnout, insufficient management...

✅ HR actions to be taken

The new Popwork company home illustration
The new Popwork company home

To access their company home, account admins will need to click on "Company" in their left menu.

Our goal was to create a simple, easy-to-understand view of managerial practice indicators. You can always find detailed indicators for all your teams in your Company Dashboard.

Let's move from opaque to transparent management ✌

Feel free to share your feedback with us on the app's chat.

See you soon on Popwork,

The Popwork team