Share instant feedback | Product update 💬

Hi all,

We're very happy to share our new instant feedback feature, enabling managers to share feedback with team members at any time. It's the first feature in a series of upcoming product updates that will make feedback a central part of the Popwork platform.

Please find below a short video update about our new features and a detailed article below.

New feedback feature on Popwork 🎉

Did you know that 80% of team members don't receive enough feedback? Yet the benefits of feedback for teams are well known: increased motivation, greater efficiency and less attrition.

From now on, on Popwork, managers can at any time congratulate their team members on a job well done, encourage them by highlighting their strengths, or constructively suggest improvements. 

Popwork feedback feature illustration

How does it work? For managers: from the home page, choose the type of feedback you wish to send. Choose a member of your team to whom you would like to send feedback, write your message and send it. 

For team members: view the feedback you've received from your workspace. You'll be notified as soon as new feedback is available. 

This new feature will evolve over the coming weeks to enable all users, whatever their role, to share continuous feedback!

A new homepage for managers 👩‍💻

New Popwork homepage for managers illustration

When you log on to Popwork, if you're a manager, you'll discover a new home page, optimized to better meet your needs. 

This new view makes it easier for you to find: 

✅ Your inbox with actions needed on your behalf

☀️ The mood and workload of each team member

📅 The next agenda items with your team members

🌱 The possibility to share feedback at any time

All essential information in one place, to help you save time and increase efficiency!

Easily change the date of your next 1:1 meeting 📅

Change next 1-to-1 meeting date on Popwork

It's now easier to change the date of the next scheduled 1:1 with your team member without changing the meeting's recurrence.

Go to your shared workspace with your team member. Locate the next 1:1 meeting on the page for which you want to change the date. Select the three small dots (...) and the “Change meeting date” option. Select the desired date. If your calendar is connected, you can also choose the time slot you prefer. Then save. You'll see a new date displayed for the next scheduled meeting with your team member.

The team member will receive a reminder to complete their 1:1 answers before the new date.

That's a wrap! As usual please feel free to share your feedback with the team directly in the app's chat.


Johann on behalf of the Popwork team