Case study - AVISIA & Popwork


AVISIA, a consulting firm renowned for its expertise in Data, Digital & Technology projects, is rapidly expanding both its business and its team. With a commitment to preserving its human-centric ethos and to staying close to its employees, the firm is facing an increase in its managerial staff, growing from 10 to 50 managers in just three years.

During this period of fast growth, AVISIA discovered that its traditional onboarding practices for new managers were no longer sufficient. These methods primarily involved extensive one-on-one meetings between each new manager and Pascal Bizzari, the Managing Director in charge of management culture, lasting between 1 to 2.5 hours. This approach, however, began to hinder the efficiency and skill development of the new managers.

Moreover, for new managers overseeing teams engaged in multiple projects, gaining a comprehensive understanding of these projects, the workload, and progress towards objectives was challenging.

Therefore, AVISIA faced the dual challenge of not only cultivating competent managers but also establishing effective and efficient management-consultant routines.

To address these challenges, AVISIA realized the urgency of adopting a new approach to train its managers and establish key best practices for a positive and effective management culture.


AVISIA chose to implement Popwork to train, equip, and support its managers. The 'Dream Team' training program provided by Popwork was instrumental in rapidly enhancing the skills of the managers. This interactive training, featuring groups of 5 to 7 individuals comprising both new and experienced managers, focused on real-world scenarios and hands-on learning.

This training program, developed by Ludovic Girodon, the author of "Dream Team," aimed to:

  • Educate both seasoned and new managers, as well as potential future managers, in exemplary management practices,
  • Formalize and build upon the effective internal practices already in place,
  • Develop a practical approach to fostering a positive and efficient management culture.
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Pascal Bizzari highlighted the training's value, especially the workshops and co-development sessions based on real-life scenarios, which not only enriched learning but also fostered a community of managers at AVISIA dedicated to continuous improvement in management practices.

Additionally, the introduction of the Popwork platform within the teams bridged the gap between theory and practice in management rituals. Following the training, each manager was integrated into Popwork, enabling immediate application of key learnings and best management practices with their teams.

Popwork provides the AVISIA teams with a structured approach to planning, preparing, leading, and tracking management rituals. Specifically, Pascal Bizzari leveraged Popwork to initiate and enhance regular manager-consultant interactions, adding structure and value to these exchanges.

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As a result, AVISIA's managers now have a clear insight into:

  • The nature of managerial practices between managers and consultants,
  • The extent and quality of feedback shared,
  • The engagement levels of consultants, including changes in sentiment and workload.

This case study showcases how AVISIA successfully navigated the challenges of scaling its management by integrating innovative practices and leveraging tools like Popwork, ensuring a seamless and effective transition.