Product updates : Tips and new management rituals

Hi all

Very happy to share the new features we’ve shipped on Popwork during the last weeks and tell you more about what we’re preparing for the coming ones…

💡 Video management tips

Screenshot of Popwork management tips video

Managing a team is not easy and more and more managers are asking us for management advice.

This is why we are introducing in-app management tips. These short videos will give you practical tips to level up your management skills: sharing constructive feedback, running an efficient 1:1 meeting, following up after a conversation, analyzing your team’s KPIs…

You can expect more management advice in the coming weeks. This is key to our strategy to turn Popwork into the smart assistant for managers and teams.

If you want to access all our management resources, you can always access our Popwork management Academy.

🔐 Grant Admin access and Manager roles

Create a new user on Popwork

It is now possible for account admins to grant Admin access to other users.

Users with an admin access on Popwork benefit from a unique view on how teams feel and perform. They also have access to all the tools they need to easily manage their Popwork account such as user management and billing.

To edit users and their access levels, admins can access their user management console by selecting Settings > Users & Roles.

Admins also have the added option to grant a Manager role when creating a user.

Finally, filters in the Users & roles settings have been simplified to help admins easily identify active users, users without teams and deleted users.

What are we working on at the moment

I am taking the time to share what we are currently working on in more detail than usual as we’re making a lot of progress on our top 3 features requests!

⚡️ More management rituals in the making

New management rituals on Popwork

Over the past few weeks, we have made important progress towards our ambition to cover all key management conversations.

We are now able to create any type of templates and will soon be adding a first one with a “Performance & development conversation” which is one of our most requested features. Managers will be able to choose new quarterly, biannual or annual frequencies for this new management ritual.

Performance & development conversations are a great ritual to take a step back and address topics that are key to individual growth and performance. They are the perfect complement to regular 1-to-1 meetings.

Teams who have regular 1-to-1 meetings and performance & development conversations are more likely to build trusted relationships, perform better and grow individually.

📅 Google calendar integration

Popwork and google calendar intégration

Popwork users will soon be able to synchronize their Popwork rituals with their Google calendar, making it easier than ever to prepare 1-to-1 conversations in advance.

Need to move a meeting? Simply move it in your Google calendar and Popwork will automatically adapt the check-in, reminders and due date.

Google calendar will be our first calendar integration before we move onto other systems such Microsoft Outlook.

📥 Slack integration

Popwork slack integration

Popwork users will soon be able to choose whether they prefer to receive their Popwork notifications via email or on Slack. Microsoft Teams will be the next communications channel we’ll integrate with.

We all spend a lot of time on Slack and Teams and being able to receive Popwork notifications there will make things a lot smoother.

That’s it for today. Please share feedback with us: your requests are driving our roadmap.

Talk soon,

Johann, on behalf of the Popwork team