Popwork brand new mood question and team dashboard are live!

Hey gang,

We’ve been busy over the last 4 weeks and have a number of new features to share with you in this post:

  • Improved mood question 🌈
  • Brand new team dashboard 🏠
  • Augmented custom question 🙋

Improved mood question 🌈

We’ve made changes to how Popwork asks the mood question and shows results.
It’s even easier for team members to share their mood than before: they can choose up to two emojis and add a comment.

Screenshot of the new Popwork mood question

Adding plain words on top of emojis makes it easier for team members to choose the right emoji and easier for managers to understand how they are feeling about the past week.

Managers can now follow their team's mood more closely thanks to an overview of their team’s current mood (answer to the weekly check-in) as well as averages for work and workload satisfaction (answers to the monthly step-back template).

Screenshot of the new Popwork overview dashboard

All these insights can be found in the recently added team dashboard

Brand new team dashboard 🏠

We have built a homepage for managers on Popwork... Now, managers will land on their team dashboard when they log in.

This team dashboard has been designed to give managers a clear view on the actions they have to take, insights on their team and useful management resources.

At the very top, managers are able to spot any pending actions they may need to take such as reading new answers to a check-in a team member has submitted.

In the blink of an eye, managers can also see who’s doing well and who may need help thanks to the current mood barometer. It’s an easy way to visualize team members’ feelings about their past week.

The work and workload satisfaction scores enable managers to easily see the average score the team has given to these questions in the last monthly step-back check-in they’ve taken.

Finally, at the bottom of their team dashboards, managers will find a selection of recent management tips the Popwork team has published.

Augmented custom question 🙋

When they go to the new rituals Team rituals page, on top of being able to switch on and off specific rituals such as the monthly step-back check-in, managers will find the custom question field.

Popwork management rituals set up page

When adding a custom question, managers will now have the option of making that question permanent.

For managers, wanting to add their custom question week after week, they just need to switch the Permanent toggle to the on position.

For managers who just want to add a question to the next check-in, switching the Permanent toggle to the off position will do the trick.

To learn more about the latest features of Popwork, check out our recent articles on our comments feature or the new monthly step-back template.