Product update: improved objectives are live

We have exciting news: objectives 2.0 are live on Popwork 🎉

Based on user feedback, we have improved the way Popwork helps set and follow objectives month after month.

What’s new?

(1) Access objectives anytime 🎯

Objectives are now accessible at any time by managers and team members directly in the workspace.

Filter your check-in feed by Objectives to add or edit objectives.

Preview of the "Objectives" button in the Popwork check-in interface

(2) See status updates in the check-in feed 👀

The status and comment are now clearly displayed below each objective in the check-in feed. This way, you can easily reflect together on progress made and remove roadblocks as they come up.

Go to your Check-in feed and see for yourself.

Preview of the Popwork check-in feed

(3) Keep an eye on objectives dynamics 💡

To help you better visualise objectives’ evolutions over time, Popwork now provides a simple chart showing each objective’s status evolution and corresponding comments.

Filter by Objectives, open an objective and hover over each milestone to see the comment.

Preview of the Objectives evolution board in Popwork

How objectives work on Popwork

✅ Add or edit objectives

Filter by Objectives in your Check-in feed and add or edit objectives.

Preview of the objective creation form in Popwork

✅ Update status once a month

Once a month, team members are asked for a quick status update for each objective to share progress, ask for support or raise a red flag.

Preview of goal status update in the Popwork Workspace

✅ Close objectives

At the end of the period, close expired objectives and add new ones. Status history will remain in the check-in feed.

Preview of updated objectives in the Popwork dashboard

To make the most out of this new feature, you need to have clearly set objectives. If you are unclear about how to set them, this article may be of help.

As usual, you can find Popwork's roadmap and changelog here.

Take care,

The Popwork team