Product update: Better, faster, stronger text editing on Popwork

One of Popwork’s objectives is to help you share relevant information in a simple and structured way.

New text editing options on Popwork

(1) New text editing engine 🚅

To deliver on this promise, we decided to rebuild a brand new rich text editing engine based on the most promising technology out there. It took us a few weeks of hard work but it’s now live.

As of now, you will benefit from a much smoother typing and editing experience when completing check-ins or writing notes.

(2) New rich (yet simple) text editing features 📝

  • Bold, italic and indent to better organize information
  • Copy and paste text from anywhere
  • Drag and drop any check-in answer to notes (with the possibility to delete it)
  • Hyperlinks to point to external content
  • Images to share dashboards or screenshots

(4) And more exciting features to come soon 😎

Soon, leveraging this new technology, you will be able to start a conversation thread from any check-in answer and label any topic as a point for discussion or for action...

This should have a big impact on the way teams share feedback and follow up on Popwork.

Thank you for your continuous feedback and stay tuned! This is only the beginning.

The Popwork team

PS. Keep an eye on our roadmap and changelog here