Sharing answers with multiple users & new HR dashboard

Hi guys,

This month, we’ve released a feature many companies have asked us for - Sharing answers with multiple users - and have been hard at work to prepare our next big feature - a brand new Company dashboard.

🫶 Sharing answers with multiple users

There are cases where a team member's answers are to be read by people other than their direct manager. This is the case, for example, when:

  • Co-management or dotted-line management are implemented in the organization
  • a n+2 manager needs to have visibility on  the answers of a n-2 team member
  • a team member wants to share their answers someone else in the org

This is why Popwork now allows you to give access to the answers of team members beyond their direct manager. 

This access can be granted (and removed) by the manager or the team member directly from their shared workspace. To do this, users simply need to click on the icon indicating the people who have access to the shared workspace

View of people who can access the Popwork workspace

then 'Give access' or 'Remove access':

Settings of the access to a Popwork workspace


Users who get access to the workspace will have an 'observer' status and will be able to read future answers and feedback between the manager and the team member. However, observers will not have access to content shared before they were given access. 

For now, this access is read-only. Soon, observers will also be able to comment and react to the team member's answers.

Before answering the questions to a management ritual, team members clearly see with whom their answers will be shared.

Team member's view of people who can access his/her workspace

🕹️ New Company <> Team switcher for admins

Popwork admins now benefit from a new Company <> Team switcher button to instantly switch between their team and company views.

The company view is where the admin will be able to find:

  • Company dashboard
  • Users & roles
  • Adoption tracker
  • Subscription

🧑‍💻 New company dashboard (coming soon)

Popwork is a unique solution for companies to equip their managers and teams with a simple platform to plan, prepare and follow up on management rituals. Popwork is also a unique solution for companies to monitor critical indicators about their employees such as mood, workload and management practices.

We are preparing to release a new company dashboard to give HRs and admins visibility into how their teams are doing.

All the data in this dashboard is based on aggregated data from employees’ answers to Popwork quantitative questions on mood, workload and objectives questions. All the other answers - text inputs - are confidential and only visible between managers and their reportees.

Screenshot of the Popwork HR Dashboard

The first tab of the dashboard, which will be released first, will focus on Popwork engagement metrics - mood & workload.

HRs will be able to easily navigate across their organization and see: 

  • Mood score averages at the organization, teams or individual level 🌈
  • Workload score averages at the organization, teams or individual level 🔋
  • Scores evolution and breakdown 📊
  • Team and individual issues to help them support teams when needed 🧑‍⚕️

We will then progressively add new tabs focusing on management practices, objectives and more.

Please reach out to the team if you have feedback, want to know more or want to book a session to be onboarded on these new features.


The Popwork team