DISC Test - Discover your personality type!

"Know thyself": we've been hearing this since Antiquity! Indeed, knowing and understanding our personality is essential in order to be happy and progress.

At work, understanding your own personality allows you to build on your strengths but also to work on your weaknesses. This self-awareness can enable you to improve and progress within your team or in the company.

Take our free DISC test to find out your personality at work. Is your work or management style more focused on Dominance, Influence, Stability, or Compliance?

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This DISC color test will allow you to identify your personality in a team or in a group. The DISC quiz is a recognized method and theory that allows many managers and employees to have better self-management, a clearer perception of their strengths and weaknesses and to improve their communication and teamwork.

Knowing yourself better is one thing, changing concretely your attitude on the day-to-day is another! Popwork can help you improve as a professional and work better with your team.