Track objectives with key results | Product updates


We're happy to share with you the latest Popwork features, which have been eagerly awaited by our users!

Track objectives with key results 🎯

Popwork helps you implement the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) method to motivate your teams around a common goal. The method is based on two actions, defining objectives and key results to achieve them. Ideally, these key results should be precise, achievable and measurable.

As a manager or team member, you can now add key results to your objectives on Popwork. When team members update the status of the objectives, they also have to update the progress status of the key results. Key results are optional and can be added to a goal at any time.

Track action items with due dates ⏰

Adding a due date to an action item is now possible on Popwork. Managers and team members can now track their action items more effectively. When the due date expires, it appears in red to alert you.

In addition, managers now have access to all their teams' actions in one place, from the Actions items tab.

Gain more relevant insights from the Dashboard 📊

The latest addition to the Dashboard for managers and HR is the introduction of simple key words instead of scores to help you more easily measure your team's engagement and the setting of managerial practices. Check, among other things, whether the frequency of your teams' 1:1 meetings is "regular", "occasional" or "low".

As an admin, you can now navigate more easily between your teams' data and those of your team members.

And a few new things to make your life simpler on Popwork 💆

We have updated two elements to make Popwork simpler for team members and account admins.

First, when a team member answers the preparatory questions for a Popwork ritual, we now indicate whether they have other upcoming rituals. It is therefore now easier to prepare for their 1:1 meeting and update their objectives in a single session, for example.

Finally, we have updated the Management rituals page in the Company section to enable account admins to have a better understanding of how each Popwork ritual functions.

That's all folks! Please share your feedback on these new features and what you want to see next in the app chat.


Johann on behalf of the Popwork team