New features: team insights for managers (and much more)

Hi guys, 

We’ve had a busy few weeks and shipped new features to help companies give managers the tools they need: managers now have access to key indicators of all their teams (not just their direct reports).

📊 Engagement, management practices and performance insights for managers

Managers now benefit from the exact same view as admins but for their own organization. This means that managers can now visualize key indicators for their n-2, n-3, etc as well as their direct reports.

This new view is available in the Insights tab in the left menu. Managers can view and drill down at team and individual level for the following indicators:

  • Engagement: mood and workload indicators
  • Management practices: 1-to-1 meetings and feedback indicators
  • Performance: objectives adoption and status indicators

🧑‍💻 Friendly reminders and workspace improvements

In the shared workspace between managers and team members, the rituals headers have been updated to enable : 

Managers and team members to easily visualize if answers, feedback and action items have been shared.

Labels are grey until answers, feedback or action items have been shared and turn green once it's the case.

Managers to manually send a friendly reminder if preparatory questions have not been answered.

Also, quick reactions have been updated with the inclusion of a new “🔥 in progress” emoji and the mood wordcloud question sees the term “🥵Very busy” replaced by “🥵Challenging”.

🔥Coming soon 

  • Company performance dashboard - gives admins and HRs key indicators about objectives in their company
  • Users & roles CSV upload - enables admins to upload or update their employees and managers list
  • Action items due date 

Please share your feedback and ideas with us via the Popwork chat.

Talk soon,

Johann and the Popwork team