New insights on teams’ mood and workload 🔮

Hi guys,

This month, on top of numerous small improvements, we’ve added 2 new important features to Popwork:

  • Managers now have access to new insights on their teams’ mood and workload
  • Managers can now create new teams for themselves or their team members

New insights on teams’ mood and workload 🔮

Mood and workload evolution over the last 3 months

In order to give managers a more dynamic and comprehensive view of their teams’ mood, we’re showing new insights on Popwork with the addition of graphs of the mood and workload evolution over the last 3 months. With these new insights, we’re aiming to give managers an instant understanding of their team dynamics.

Team members insights table 🔍

We’ve also added a new team members insights table to help managers identify individual dynamics in the blink of an eye. This chart will enable managers to easily make correlations between team and individual indicators.

To access these new insights, go to your team Dashboard.

We’ll continue to build on this insights page to give managers all the tools they need to understand their teams and take action when necessary. Look forward to new insights on this page soon :)

Please note that these new insights replace the previous Mood barometer and Workload gauge for which we are building new versions. Stay tuned!

Creating new teams on Popwork 🧙

1️⃣ Creating a new team for oneself

Some managers lead teams made of different roles and may want to split their team into several teams in Popwork.

Each team can have their own check-in and dashboard.

To create a new team, go to Settings > Teams and click on Create Team. Name the team and assign yourself as the manager. Voila.

2️⃣ Creating a team for a team member

Managers also manage managers. To make it easier to use Popwork in this situation, managers can now create a team for any of their team members. The team member for whom a team has been created is notified by email and can then onboard their own team on Popwork.

To create a new team, go to Settings > Teams and click on Create Team. Name it and then choose the person for whom you 're creating the team. That's it.

Other improvements:

  • fixed bug preventing one-off question to be deleted
  • fixed bugs on check-in question edition, reordering and deletion
  • automatically send updated check-in questions to team member workspaces
  • made icons related to question edition more explicit