Even more insights on your team!

Hey guys,

We’re on a roll, we’ve added a few more bricks to your Insights Dashboard! We’re making progress on our mission to give you all the tools you need to better understand and lead your team. Hope you like the latest version of the Dashboard!

Here’s what’s new:

Most selected mood answers 🌈

First, we've added a chart of the most selected mood answers. This enables managers to easily visualize which words have been chosen by their teams over the last 3 months to define their current mood.

Whether positive or negative, this gives managers the insight they need to understand qualitatively how their team members are really feeling. Managers don't need to take the same actions when their teams are stressed, frustrated or disappointed and this is why we've made it easy to see.

Most selected mood answers on the past 3 months - Popwork

Workload evolution over the past 3 months 🏋️

We've also added the chart of your team's workload over the past three months. This will enable you to instantly gauge how your team has been feeling on this topic.

To see the Workload satisfaction chart, simply go to your team's Dashboard.

Workload satisfaction dashboard- Popwork

Individual team member insights 🔬

You can now access individual team member insights by clicking on any profile in the My team members recap table. This will open a side panel where you will find:

  • Mood evolution (over the past 3 months)
  • Most selected mood answers (over the past 3 months)
  • Workload satisfaction (over the past 3 months)

With these insights, you should be able to understand the mood dynamics of each person on your team.

Popwork analytics side panel

To access these individual insights, go to your Dashboard > scroll down to My team members table > click on any of your team members.

Consolidated insights view for all your teams 🚁

If you manage several teams on Popwork, you can now benefit from a consolidated view of your insights. Indeed, you can select the My teams view to view insights across all your teams or choose to select any specific team to focus on its members only.

The available insights are the same. Whether you are on the My teams view or focusing on a single team, you will see:

  • Mood evolution
  • Most selected mood answers
  • Workload satisfaction
  • My team members recap table
Consolidated view of the team insights - Powpork

To switch views, simply use the switch button at the top of your Dashboard page.

That's it for this time. However, if you've missed our previous release, don't forget to check out how you can Customize the check-in questions for your team!