Introducing Popwork 2.0 ✨

Since the start, our ambition with Popwork has been to transform team management for the better.

We started with 1-to-1 meetings.
Each week, thousands of managers and team members catch up efficiently thanks to Popwork.

Today, we are taking Popwork to a new level.
We’re launching Popwork 2.0 - The smart assistant for team leaders.

A new and more ambitious product vision

Popwork 2.0 is the result of 18 months of progress thanks to your feedback:

  • All-in-one for all your management rituals 🤝
  • Smart with insights and expert tips 🔮
  • Integrated with your favorite tools 🔌
Popwork 2.0 app

🤝 By all-in-one, we mean that Popwork has to enable team leaders to drive great all management rituals: one-to-one meetings, objectives and key results, performance and development conversations.
Our long-term vision is to enable managers to build their own management culture on Popwork in a few clicks.

🔮 By making Popwork smarter, we want to enable team leaders to continuously learn important insights about their team members and management best practices.
Popwork will help any manager grow into a leader thanks to the right insights, alerts and recommendations.

🔌 Finally, by integrating Popwork with third-party solutions, we want to have a platform that runs smoothly in the daily lives of managers and teams.
Popwork will deliver the right information in the right place at the right time.

What we’re releasing today

Today, we are releasing a number of new features to make Popwork 2.0 a reality.


  • We’re launching Performance & Development conversations 🌱
  • We’ve totally redesigned Objectives updates 🎯


  • We’ve added video management tips 📹
  • We’ve updated the Popwork Management Academy 🧑‍🎓


  • Popwork is now integrated with Slack 💬
  • We’re launching the integration with Google Calendar 📅

What’s coming soon

We are already hard at work on the next features we are planning to launch.
Here’s a sneak peak:

👉 First, we are working on more integrations to bring the same value we’re bringing to Google and Slack users to Microsoft users : Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook are next on our list of integrations.

👉 We are also investing time and effort on making a smarter insights dashboard available and launching video management training on Popwork.

👉In the longer term, our new and more ambitious vision means that we will be developing new exciting features. New rituals questions input, AI-assisted features and much more…

With Popwork 2.0, we hope to enable tens of thousands of managers to become team leaders- saving time every week, learning key insights about their team and hitting their goals.

If you want to support Popwork 2.0 and our ambition to build better management practices, please support us on Product Hunt.

Have a great week ✌️

Johann & the Popwork team