Summer product update: our tips to make the most of Popwork this summer & new features

Hi all,

Summer is well underway and this is synonymous, for the lucky ones at least, with holidays.

Before you go, we have a treat for you with a number of small new features and some useful recommendations to help you manage your rituals in the best way possible.

Schedule your next 1-to-1 meetings according to your time off 🌴

First, a best practice before you go away on holidays is to postpone your next 1-to-1 meetings to a date when both your team member and yourself will be back at work.

To do so, you need to go to your “Team Settings” and then click on the “Frequency” tab of your 1-to-1 meetings ritual. Then, simply choose for each team member the date of your next 1-to-1 meeting.

Screenshot of the Popwork rituals settings

Synchronize Popwork with your Google Calendar 📅

This will be even easier if you synchronize your Popwork account with your Google Calendar. This way, you won’t need to replicate the changes you make in Popwork in your Google Calendar: changes made in Popwork will be reflected in your Calendar.

To sync your calendar with Popwork, you need to go to “Team Settings” and then click on “Sync Calendar”. You will then need to add the time of your 1-to-1 meeting with each team member for whom you want to synchronize.

Screenshot of how to sync your google calendar with Popwork

Schedule your next Performance & development conversations 🌱

Another best practice is to plan your next Performance & development conversation well in advance. This new management ritual is now available in Popwork and will help you prepare, drive and follow up this important conversation.

To plan your next Performance & development conversation, simply go to “Team Settings” and activate the new ritual. You will be able to review the preparation questions sent to your team members and then plan when you want the conversation to happen.

Screenshot of the perf & dev ritual setting panel on Popwork

A few tips to go further 📍

Explore the Popwork Management Academy: if you have more time on your hands, it can be the perfect moment to spend some time in the Popwork Management Academy. The Academy is our management resource hub with all the Popwork guides, cheat sheets, articles and videos.

Make it more personal with profile pics: don’t forget to add or update your profile picture on Popwork, it’s much nicer for others to use Popwork with a nice portrait of you.

Slack user? Sync Popwork with Slack: never miss a Popwork notification again.

What’s new on Popwork

For team members:

  • You can now answer Popwork questions on your Android phone. Popwork is now optimized for desktop and both iPhones and Android smartphones.
  • Answers are now saved in real-time on Popwork meaning that you can’t lose a draft answer even if you close your Popwork tab by accident or navigate in Popwork while answering questions.

For managers:

  • Google Calendar loader: we have added a loader to help users visualize in real-time meetings being synchronized between Popwork and Google Calendar

For all users:

  • Action items UX has been improved: once you’ve added a first action item, you simply need to hit Enter on your keyboard to create a new one
  • Slack notifications fine-tuning: Slack notifications text and images have been optimized for the Slack mobile app

Enjoy the summer ✌️


Johann & the Popwork team