Dream Team Academy, our new Management training program

Great team leaders and managers are pivotal to the success of any business. Enhancing the managerial skills of leaders through management training is common practice. However, selecting the right training—one that is really transformative and has a measurable impact on your business—is no easy task, or at least it wasn't until the inception of Dream Team Academy.

Popwork has chosen Ludovic Girodon, the author of the best-selling management book "Dream Team," to craft the educational content for its first management training program, Dream Team Academy.

The Unrivaled Expertise of Ludovic Girodon

In addition to being a management reference author, Ludovic Girodon is renowned for his newsletter and holds the position of Top Voice on Management on LinkedIn. His expertise in leadership and team management establishes him as a crucial figure in the field:

  • 80,000 followers on LinkedIn
  • A monthly newsletter read by 20,000 managers
  • HR Lab Expert for Welcome to the Jungle

Leveraging this expertise, Ludovic Girodon has designed a modern, dynamic training program tailored to the realities of contemporary management.

Overview of Dream Team Academy

This training distinguishes itself through its interactive, modern, and actionable format. Managers are grouped into small cohorts of 8 to 15, fostering a more personalized experience.

Comprising seven thematic two-hour workshops, this program, offered via videoconference or in a hybrid format, provides comprehensive immersion into various aspects of team management.

The strength of this training lies in its practical approach, featuring real case studies, group scenarios, and group discussions for the immediate application of best practices.

Covered Themes

Dream Team Academy was developed to cover essential team management practices in a pragmatic way. Each workshop addresses fundamental management topics:

  • The posture and role of the modern manager
  • 1:1 meetings, the manager's most powerful tool
  • The importance of communication based on in-depth knowledge of your team
  • Recognition, feedback, and leading difficult conversations—a critical skill set for transparent, motivating, and effective management
  • Coaching and growing your team members
  • Managing your time as a manager and that of your team
  • A collective intelligence workshop to take stock together and go back to your desk with a personalized action plan

Testimonials and Feedback

Participants of Dream Team Academy attest to its significant impact. Thomas Beaugrand, Sourcing & Product Manager at Air Liquide, credits part of his success to the training: "Very pragmatic and informative training even after several years of management. Highly recommended!"

Figures about Dream Team Academy : 130 trained managers these last 2 years, 100% satisfaction rate, 50% of managers say the training exceeded their expectations

By providing management training to enhance manager skills and a digital platform to foster good practices, Popwork offers the only all-in-one solution to transform the managerial culture of your company.

Value for Business

Companies whose managers have completed this training report a significant improvement in team dynamics. Managers trained at Dream Team Academy are better equipped to tackle the current challenges of the professional world by promoting clear communication, increased motivation, and strategic decision-making. The pragmatic learning, divided into seven modules over successive weeks, enables managers to effectively implement best practices with their teams.

Dream Team Academy stands out for its holistic approach to team management. Emphasizing practical and interactive learning, this training provides concrete tools to develop managerial skills.

Many companies have chosen to combine Dream Team Academy training with the deployment of the Popwork platform to stimulate and drive good managerial practices and team engagement over time.