How companies transform employee engagement with Popwork

Employee engagement is a pivotal element of companies’ productivity and success.

Yet, a whopping 70% of employee engagement directly hinges on their manager. This figure is eye-opening when considering that 66% of managers struggle to manage their teams, and nearly 50% of departing employees cite their manager as their number one reason to do so.

This underscores the critical need for companies to foster a robust, positive, and efficient managerial culture. It's why numerous organizations have opted for Popwork, an all-in-one platform dedicated to transforming management and, consequently, elevating team engagement across the organization.

Key rituals to foster engagement in your company

👉 1:1 Meetings: Bolstering the Manager-Employee Relationship

These individual meetings are pivotal for understanding each person’s unique needs, expectations, and challenges.

To facilitate regular and impactful 1:1 meetings, companies like Welcome to the Jungle, Avisia, or Engie rely on Popwork. This platform aids in automating the scheduling, preparation, and follow up of these interactions between managers and employees. HR departments can tailor the frequency and personalize the ritual to suit their company's culture.

👉 Pulse Checks: Assessing Satisfaction and Engagement Levels

Pulse checks serve as a means to gauge team engagement in an agile and unobtrusive manner. Regular feedback enables early identification of potential issues and fosters a culture of transparency.

In practice, to help employees prepare 1:1 meetings, Popwork asks two questions, offering insights into their mood and workload. This data is subsequently accessible to both the manager and HR through the Popwork Company dashboard.

👉 Coaching Sessions – Encouraging Professional Growth

Coaching sessions, typically held quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, are dedicated to individual support. They provide an opportunity to review past achievements, progress, training needs, etc. These sessions empower managers to actively guide their employees' professional growth by identifying areas for improvement and suggesting tailored solutions.

Enhancing Engagement through Popwork's Best Practices

  • Promoting a Culture of Continuous Feedback

    Utilizing Popwork's feedback feature encourages regular, constructive feedback. Managers can swiftly give or receive accurate feedback, fostering a culture of ongoing improvement.

Feedback feature in Popwork

  • Clear, traceable objectives defined and monitored

    With Popwork, clear, measurable objectives can be set and monitored in real-time. This allows :
    • employees to track their objectives' progress
    • empowering managers to evaluate their team's status
    • HR gains oversight to ensure all teams/employees have defined objectives

  • Leveraging Popwork insights for effective management

    The Popwork HR dashboard provides access to pertinent data for assessing team and company engagement. This data helps identify trends, recognize potential areas of concern, monitor workload, overall organizational sentiment, and take proactive measures to address issues.

Company engagement dashboard - Popwork

  • Customizing Popwork to fit your managerial culture

    Popwork offers flexibility to tailor the platform to each company's unique culture and requirements. Terms, rituals, and frequencies can be adapted to mirror the specific identity, work structure, and values of the organization.

To enhance engagement within your company, adopting effective managerial practices is crucial. Many companies opt to equip their teams with platforms like Popwork, simplifying the implementation of these practices. Popwork transforms companies' managerial cultures by facilitating the implementation of appropriate rituals, fostering effective managerial methods, and monitoring team performance and engagement evolution.