Popwork raises €1.5M to put an end to bad management

Paris, France, November 29th, 2022,

Popwork raises a 1.5M€ seed round led by Evolem and business angels from the tech and HR space.

The main driver for retention, performance and engagement is the relationship between team members and managers. Yet, 2 out of 3 managers struggle to manage their teams and 50% of employees leave their company because of their manager. Every year, bad management costs companies about 15,000 euros per employee.

Managers are left alone and lack method, time and tools to properly manage their teams. To confront the boom of remote work, the Great Resignation and reduce employee turnover, companies must act quickly and adopt the right tools to ensure positive and efficient management practices.

Transform management practices

Popwork has developed the first SaaS solution to transform team management and solve this problem.

Popwork allows leaders, managers and HR to deploy best-in class management practices across all their teams. Pulse-taking, 1:1 meetings, frequent feedback, goals tracking: Popwork assists managers throughout all key management rituals and helps them better manage their teams week after week.

Until now, CEOs had very little visibility and leverage to define and influence the management culture of their company. With Popwork, they can implement effective and positive management practices across teams and support employee engagement and performance in real time.

You don't leave a company, you leave a manager,” explains Quentin Demeestère, co-founder and CEO of Popwork. “Because they lack support and don't have access to management tools, team leaders are improvising the way they manage their teams. It is inefficient and demotivating... Popwork transforms any manager into a better manager. The impact on employee retention and engagement is immediate.

"You don't leave a company, you leave a manager" quote by Quentin D. CEO of Popwork

Supercharge managers and leaders

Popwork's ambition goes even further. They thrive to become the smart assistant for managers and leaders. Based on team data they collect, Popwork will analyze employees’ needs and expectations and provide management insights and recommendations to managers and leaders.

Close to 200 companies have already deployed Popwork in their teams, only two years after the solution was launched. This includes SMEs and large companies such as L'Express, Leroy Merlin, Bleu Libellule or TotalEnergies, as well as very fast-growing companies such as Welcome to the Jungle, PrestaShop, Foodles, Balzac Paris or Bodyguard.

People management remains a highly artisanal practice, although it is critical for the growth of any organization. The cost of bad management is reaching record highs that are unsustainable for companies. It’s urgent that companies equip their managers, in particular in a context where teams work more and more remotely.” adds Thomas Rival, Partner at Evolem.

This fundraising led by Evolem alongside experts in tech and management such as Guillaume Alary (360 Learning), Thibault Lanthier (ex-Mon Docteur) or Ludovic Girodon (recognized expert in management), Popwork will strengthen its team and invest in the development of its solution to become the leading management solution for teams and companies across Europe.

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About Evolem

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Evolem was founded by an entrepreneur (Bruno Rousset, founder of April). They are agnostic in terms of sector and business model and invest tickets from 100K€ to 3M€ in pre-seed, seed and series A rounds.


About Popwork

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Popwork offers a SaaS solution to transform team management. It enables leaders and managers to deploy best-in class management practices across all their teams. In a context of increasing remote work and the ongoing Great Resignation, Popwork is a powerful and immediate way for companies to engage and retain employees.

To learn more, visit www.pop.work/hr-solution