Updates on objectives, login and management indicators

Hey guys,

We wanted to share the latest updates we made to Popwork over the past weeks.

We’ve revamped objectives in Popwork, added new management indicators to the dashboard, made the whole app faster and… added the Google login.

For those of you who don’t like to read, here’s a quick video recap of what you need to know.

Management insights

We’ve added a new section insights in the dashboard dedicated to management practices. It is available at the organization and at the team level.

The 3 new available indicators are:

  • Check-ins: how many check-ins do my team members do on average per month?
  • Feedback: how often do I share feedback when I receive check-in answers from my team members?
  • Objectives: how many members of my team currently have open objectives on Popwork?
Popwork new management insights

Objectives in Popwork

The new Objectives view, available from the Popwork left menu, enables you to easily visualize:

  • All the open objectives of your team members and their current status
  • Closed objectives
  • Your own objectives

This view has been designed to help you see in a blink all the information you need to know about your team’s OKRs or SMART objectives.

Popwork new objectives feature

Log in with Google

We’ve added an alternative login method on top of the magic link: log in with Google.

If your account is a Google account, you are now able to log in in a single click with the Google sign in button.

Activation checklist

This new feature only applies to new managers on Popwork: we’ve added a checklist to help new managers on the platform understand how Popwork works and how to make best use of it.

The checklist covers 6 key items for new managers from booking their onboarding call with the Popwork team to starting to use the key features of the platform.

App loading times

We have released a series of improvements which significantly reduce loading times and improve the overall browsing experience in Popwork.

Speed gif
The code line that made the difference

These performance gains should vary between 50% and 90% depending on your team size and the volume of historical data you have in Popwork!

Speed gains have been measured on team members’ workspaces, the dashboard and all side panels.