Popwork and Ludovic Girodon have launched their innovative "Dream Team Academy" training.

On November 9, 2023, in Paris, this new venture was announced, addressing a critical issue: two-thirds of managers struggle to manage and engage their teams. Despite the rising demand for managerial support in businesses, existing solutions fall short in effectively meeting these challenges.

Traditional management tools offer limited assistance in enhancing managers' capabilities. Similarly, conventional management training often lacks practical, sustainable applications.

This gap is what inspired the collaboration between Popwork and management expert Ludovic Girodon to create the "Dream Team Academy." This training program, a brainchild of Girodon – a renowned expert and author of France's best-selling management book "Dream Team" – focuses on refining managerial skills through a vibrant and interactive curriculum. The course, structured in 2-hour modules, directly addresses the real-world challenges of contemporary management and includes both individual and group coaching tailored to managers' needs.

Utilizing the Popwork platform, managers can apply the skills learned in training to their daily activities. Popwork facilitates key management rituals such as one-to-one meetings, individual goals, feedback, and coaching sessions.

This approach not only trains managers but also equips them with tools to implement best-in-class management practices within their teams. HR departments benefit from a Popwork dashboard, enabling them to continually support managers and shape the company's managerial culture and practices throughout the year.

"Dream Team Academy" represents a significant advancement in Popwork's mission to revolutionize management. "Partnering with a management authority like Ludovic Girodon, who shares our values, marks a new milestone in our journey to transform management," says Quentin Demeestère, co-founder & CEO of Popwork.

Ludovic Girodon adds, "Training managers is effective, but ongoing support throughout the year is even better. Our partnership with Popwork is a natural fit, allowing us to offer a unique solution in the market."

About Popwork:

Founded in 2020, Popwork is a SaaS platform that reshapes managerial practices in businesses, helping leaders, HR, and managers enhance management quality and boost employee engagement. Over 250 companies globally have adopted Popwork. Find more about Popwork.

About Ludovic Girodon:

Author of "Dream Team," France's top management book since 2019, Ludovic Girodon trains hundreds of managers annually and speaks at conferences across France, sharing insights from over 500 managers. As a member of the Welcome to the Jungle Lab and LinkedIn France's content creator program, he contributes to numerous articles on management and its future.