Popwork product updates of October 2023

Hi guys,

A lot of interesting updates this month with new features, new integrations and new versions of loved ones.

Here’s what we have released in the past weeks.

📊 Team overview for managers

At the very top of the dashboard, managers will see the new version of their Team overview.

It’s a simple table that helps managers visually identify the key pulse metrics of their team members: how they are doing in terms of mood and workload.

The RAG indicators enable managers to see in a glimpse any alerts that might need to dig further.

Team members' mood & workload in real time on Popwork

How the RAG indicators are calculated:


As a reminder, to define their mood, team members can choose 1 or 2 keywords in the Popwork wordcloud. The wordcloud contains positive keywords (Good, Rewarding, Stimulating, Productive, Amazing), a neutral keyword (Ok) and negative keywords (Frustrating, Stressful, Very busy, Disappointing)

  • Good = No negative keyword selected by the team member
  • Mixed = 1 positive/neutral keyword and 1 negative keyword selected by the team member
  • Bad = Only negative keywords selected by the team member


As a reminder, to define their workload, team use a scale ranging from 1 to 5 with 1 - “Not enough work”, 3 - “All good” and 5 - “Too much work”

  • Good = 2 to 4
  • Too much = 5
  • Too low = 1

Managers have access to more information in a single click.

  • Click on the mood or workload RAG indicator to see the raw answers of the team member
  • Click on the “View” link to have access to the evolution of the team member metrics over the past months

📆 Microsoft Outlook integration

Planning, preparing and following up on 1-to-1 meetings on Popwork just got a whole lot easier with our new Outlook integration!

Popwork & Outlook integration view

Don’t forget, we’re also integrated with Google Calendar if that’s what you are using.

Here’s how connecting your Popwork account with Outlook will make team management a breeze:

📅 For scheduling, your one-on-one meetings in Popwork will now automatically show up and stay updated in both your calendar and your colleagues'.

📝 For prep work, you can quickly access your colleagues' responses in a single click from your calendar to get ready for discussions.

✋ Need to reschedule a one-on-one meeting? Easy peasy! Just change the date and time in Popwork, and your calendar will refresh on its own.

To link your calendar, just head over to Settings > Integrations and hit Connect.

Next, sync up your regular check-ins with each team member and set the times.

And just like that, events and invites will pop up automatically in your calendars! (But remember to remove any old recurring events you might have in your calendar already.)

🖲️ Popwork Adoption Tracker

Popwork adoption tracker

With this new tool, administrators and HRs are able to easily track which managers have onboarded their teams, which management rituals they have activated on Popwork and for how many people on their teams.

Adoption tracker organization level view

At the top of the adoption tracker, admins will find the executive summary for their organization:

  • Onboarded managers: shows the number of managers who have onboarded their teams on Popwork
  • Rituals activated by managers: shows the percentage of managers who have activated the different Popwork management rituals
  • Team members with active rituals: show the percentage of team members who have active Popwork management rituals 

Note: there can be a difference between rituals activated by managers and team members as managers can choose which rituals they want to use with each member of their team.

Adoption tracker team level view

The Adoption tracker table enables admins and HRs to easily visualize the detail of these indicators per manager. Sorting by column is an easy way to see managers who have not yet onboarded their teams or adopted a specific management ritual.

🗞️ Other news : 

Answers filters on Popwork

New Answers filters are available in Popwork. In a Popwork workspace or when answering Popwork answers, users can now access the following filters : 

  • Priorities: shows the historical answers to the 1-to-1 meeting Priorities question
  • Performance: shows the historical answers to the Performance & Development performance question 
  • Skills: shows the historical answers to the Performance & Development skills questions

And also:

  • The Popwork free trial period countdown now resets at 21 days when managers complete their team onboarding
  • Updated the Objectives Archive buttons visuals
  • Updated the Load more buttons visuals
  • Popwork Plus customers can now force Social login over magic link for identification