👋 The Popwork check-in is evolving!

The lockdown period is almost behind us and we have some exciting product news to share with you.

(1) Check-in templates 📅

We’re starting to roll out this month something we’ve been working on for quite a while: check-in templates!

Templates will enable managers to choose the check-in rituals that best fit their teams.

To start with, we’re adding a monthly step-back template to help team members reflect on the past month and plan for the next one. This can be a great complement to the weekly check-ins Popwork users are already used to.

👉 Learn more about the monthly template

​(2) Instant access to past answers 💡

Team members who often have the blank sheet syndrome when checking in will love this new feature!

It’s now easy to access past answers while checking in.

(3) Improved check-in experience ⚡

Checking in on Popwork got even simpler recently:

  • 👀 Be more focused on answers
  • ⚡ Navigate faster thanks to shortcuts and scroll navigation
  • 👌 Review answers more easily before sharing

That’s all for the moment, but if you are curious about what we’re building next, check our product roadmap here ;)

If you’re not using Popwork yet and these new features have made you want to try, click here!

Until next time,

The Popwork team 🤟