Why did the Phenix teams choose Popwork?

What needs does the Popwork solution meet?

Thomas is the general manager of the B2C division at Phenix, the anti-waste solution that has been putting those who have too much in contact with those who have too little since 2014. He joined Phenix in February 2020 where he leads a team of 60 people.

Having previously worked in companies with a strong 1-to-1 culture, Thomas quickly felt the need to make the weekly catch-ups with his team members more effective.

"When I joined Phenix, I felt that 1-to-1s were less at the center of the culture.Our 1:1 meetings were not very effective because team members often came not well prepared.”

At the same time, the Covid-19 crisis and the explosion of remote work have not made things any easier for managers and teams.

"Teleworking has made Popwork even more critical to my team management."

What are the advantages of Popwork?

It is in this context that Thomas chose to use Popwork, the application that helps managers and their teams better prepare their 1:1s.

Every week, Popwork sends a check-in to his team members. This allows them to take a step back, share how they feel, their priorities, their achievements and any roadblock they may face.

For Thomas as well as for each of the team members, this helps them save time every week and make sure their meetings are more efficient. .

"I have a good overview of the activity, which saves me a lot of time."

"It decreases the mental workload for the manager and makes 1:1 meetings more efficient."

Popwork gives visibility on the work of each employee. The responsibility is shared equally between the manager and his team members, which allows to surface every single important topic. .

"The idea of having automatic reminders, to make sure you don't miss any check-in, [...] and having a framework to have a good discussion, it helped me a lot."

"Before Popwork, I didn't always realize how important certain topics were to my teams."

Finally, the mood, not always taken into account during catch-up meetings, is key to team members’ motivation. Someone that does not feel comfortable and cannot express it easily will find it more difficult to communicate about his work in a transparent manner.

"[...] team morale, I think it's very important to start by asking that question every week."

"[...] we have more meaningful conversations than we used to."

What are the benefits after several months of using Popwork?

After a month of testing, Popwork was quickly deployed within Thomas' teams but also within many other teams at Phenix. Being a manager of managers, Thomas' managers quickly wanted to test the solution with their own employees.

"They asked me they could use Popwork with their own teams, which proved that they were happy with the tool."

Today, no less than 8 Phenix teams, working in different departments, use Popwork on a daily basis.

Having brought many positive changes to his team, the tool has now become essential to the preparation of 1:1s at Phenix.

"It's something we absolutely need to have good 1:1s whether we're working remotely or in the office."