Why did the Welcome to the Jungle teams choose Popwork?

In April 2020, Melanie and Adrien, two sales teams managers at Welcome to the Jungle, were facing a challenge - successfully manage their teams though the covid crisis and imposed remote work.

Management has always been taken very seriously at Welcome to the Jungle. As soon as the health crisis started, Melanie and Adrien wanted to go further and make their weekly one-to-ones an even more useful management ritual for managers and teams.

For more than a year now, the Popwork solution has allowed them to have better prepared, richer and better followed conversations. Popwork also helps them to stay focused on long-term objectives.

Darina, an Account Manager at Welcome to the Jungle since February 2020, uses Popwork every week with her manager. Used to 1:1 meetings, the tool has helped her improve them.

"I've always had regular check-ins with my managers, but with Popwork, it has allowed me to structure them better."

How is the Popwork solution used at Welcome to the Jungle?

With Popwork, every week, the day before their weekly one-to-one, also called "o-t-o" internally at Welcome to the Jungle, sales team members are invited to answer a few questions about their work. Mood, priorities, wins and challenges. All important topics are covered.

The -Challenges section, for example, allows them to discuss any roadblocks they may be facing.

"It allows me, with my manager, to tackle all the roadblocks I encountered during the week. It helps me to keep calm about the week."

What is especially appreciated when filling out the check-in is the ability to cover all the information in a comprehensive manner.

"When I fill out my check-in on Monday morning for Monday afternoon, I put all the ideas in place, I know exactly what I did and how to value it because that's super important too."

Thanks to Popwork, one-to-one meetings are prepared and structured, gaining efficiency and clarity. It becomes easier for everyone to make sure they are aligned on the right priorities and agree on the topics to follow up on together.

A tool that quickly became essential for teams

After several weeks of test, Popwork was deployed to all Welcome to the Jungle France business teams. The adoption by the teams was fast and very positive: 100% of managers and employees declared that they would be disappointed or very disappointed to stop working with Popwork.

Thanks to its ease of use and its weekly benefits, Popwork has become an integral part of the teams' daily lives. A few months later, it was the turn of the Czech and Slovak teams of Welcome to the Jungle to adopt the tool.

For the French teams of Welcome to the Jungle as well as for the international teams, Popwork makes the the work of managers and employees easier as they can frequently take a step back on their achievements and thus value their work.

"Popwork gives meaning to my work on a regular basis.”