Team members can now answer missed and upcoming check-ins

Hi guys,

We’re introducing an important change to the way Popwork works: we’re making check-ins more flexible 🤸‍♀️

Check-ins are more flexible as it is now possible to complete a missed check-in. Check-ins are more flexible as it is now possible to prepare and even share a check-in in advance.

Completing a missed check-in 😺

Check-ins work the same way as before. The day before one-to-one meetings, team members receive an invite to complete their check-in in the next 36 hours.

However, team members who miss their check-in will have the possibility to answer their check-in questions even after the check-in is closed!

Missed check-in on Popwork

To answer a missed check-in, team members simply need to click on “Complete late” on the missed check-in card.

Preparing a check-in in advance 😼

Another advantage of giving check-ins more flexibility is the possibility to start preparing check-ins in advance. And even share check-ins before the due date if it’s necessary.

Upcoming check-in on Popwork

To start completing a check-in in advance, team members will need to click on “Prepare” on the next check-in card. The next check-in will open and answers will be saved. Therefore, It is possible for team members to add a few topics, to quit the check-in and come back to it later.

To share the check-in in advance, users will only need to click the Share button at the end of the check-in.

These features were requested by a number of our users and we truly hope they will make answering check-ins and preparing great 1-to-1 conversations totally frictionless. More to come on check-ins very soon ;)

Video Tutorial 👇

As always, let us know what you make of these new changes. In case you missed our last major release, here’s a recap of the new Popwork navigation here.